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So! For this week’s Transformation Tuesday, we are going to talk about the implications that eating fatty, processed foods can have on the skin. Yes! You heard correctly! You are what you eat, and if you are going to feed your body unhealthy food, chances are it will act out.

Now, obviously no two people are the same, and different foods can have very different effects on different people, but here are some general foods and snacks that are pretty bad for all people’s skin.

For our number one pick, we are going to go with the absolute worst food for your body and skin – and that, of course, is sugar. Sugar causes skin glycation and acne outbreaks. It induces hair loss and increases obesity. Some people are surprised by this, but sugar is proven to be worse that oil for the body.

Which brings us to our second black-listed food item – oil. Any food containing oil, i.e. chips, doughnuts, anything fried, is bound to make your skin oilier and result in acne, blackheads, and dull, shiny skin. Oxidized oil is highly toxic. Not only does it contribute to overall aging the skin, but it is difficult for your liver and gallbladder to process. The liver and gallbladder are two major organs that are responsible for removing toxins from the body. When they don’t functioning well, toxins have to be eliminated in another way… which means they eventually come out through the skin.

The last food you will want to avoid is also the most interesting pick. Scientist are not sure why, but it would seem that cow’s milk is strongly associated with outbreaks of acne. Whether it is because it encourages  skin oil production or because it inflames the skin, they are not sure, but the bottom line remains the same. If you suffer from acne, scientists recommend avoiding drinking cow’s milk.

Hope these tips were helpful to you. And please let us know which of these diet mods helped you overcome a particularly bad bout of acne in the comments below!

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