Hangovers – Let’s Face It

Given that we’re in the midst of the holiday season, it is probably best to face the fact that between this time and new year’s eve we are bound to suffer at least one hangover. There are always ways to remedy hangovers, but who is thinking about them with a throbbing headache after a night on the town? It is best to be prepared ahead of time. So, here are the best holiday hangover remedies as brought to you by Queen Odelia.

The first and most important way to get yourself back on track after partying hard is by keeping hydrated. You will want to get some water in your body to wash out any toxins, to make sure you don’t fall over backwards from dehydration, and to get rid of feelings of nausea that usually result in the kind of hardcore partying that usually goes down over the holiday season. Some people like adding a pinch of salt to their post-hangover H20 cocktail to support the stress hormones that have been kicked into action as well as helping with hydration.

The next recommended measure is to eat. Get some food into that over-worked system, but do take care to avoid anything greasy. Anything fatty will add stress to your digestion and slow down your recovery process. We strongly believe in consuming some whole-wheat toast to give your body a boost with some slow releasing energy. You’re also probably dying for a coffee right now, but we really must insist on taking herbal tea instead. A tea will help support your over-worked liver, and coffee can only add to the dehydration.

Next, if you’re up to it, a light workout will really get you going with an amazing hit of endorphins. Just make sure you drink plenty of water before, and do not over-do it.

And now for the last hangover remedy: The alcohol you drank will probably downgrade the quality of your sleep and if you were out celebrating the holidays, you probably didn’t get much sleep the night before. However, getting back into a good sleep cycle will mean you are less likely to get sick and more likely to feel like a human again as soon as possible. So, do what is good for your body and sleep off the effects of the hangover.

Have some stay-at-home fun with the people you love the most – they’ll understand if you need to tone things down for one night. Yesterday’s party may have been epic, but there are so many other ways to have a good time. Get creative! And Happy Holidays!

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