It’s Your Year This Twenty Sixteen

After the holiday season when all that matters every waking moment is taking care of the many festivities and celebrations, and making sure that all of your special guests have everything they need – after all that giving, giving, giving, it’s high time to flip the focus, start afresh, and do something amazing for YOU!

It isn’t easy to simply shift your perspective, so start by doing little things. Put on a bolder lip color to help feel much more empowered, buy yourself something expensive – something that you wouldn’t usually buy on a day-to-day basis, or maybe treat yourself to a spa day out with your girls. But start the year off with something extra special – we promise, it works!

When you treat yourself in a special way, when you expect more for yourself, and pay a little more attention to the little things in life than you regularly would, the people around you will begin doing the same thing, they will treat you differently automatically without even noticing that something has changed. It is a psychological effect that scientist find difficult to explain, but it sure is worth a try!

This year, take yourself a little more seriously and see where it takes you! This year, glow from within, and most importantly, glow for you!

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