Look Good Feel Good – Skin Care Habits

A fun fact that has baffled dermatologists for centuries is how good or bad looking skin can reflect exactly what emotions we feel when we wake up each morning and how we slept. If you haven’t slept well, chances are your skin will not look well. If you are feeling down, your skin will look dull and tired as well. Moreover, when your skin looks radiant and glowing, chances are you will feel better about yourself. So, what comes first? And is there a way to overcome the whole your-skin-is-a-mirror-to-your-heart effect?

People with happy skin are more social and carefree. When you wake up with a clear, shining complexion, you are scientifically proven to feel better! When your skin is healthy, you believe in yourself and your self-confidence soars.

Dermatologists have proven that the clear skin is not actually what is making these people happier people. Sure, a smile can take you miles, but what was really having the lasting effect on people’s complexions was the healthy habits people with clear skin were keeping. People with clear skin have a natural inclination to eat healthier, exercise, sleep well, drink lots of water, etc. All of these healthy habits were responsible not only for their clear skin, but for their overall happiness and general air of well-being.

Good skin care and healthy lifestyle choices keep you and your skin happy – and good habits are things we can all acquire, easily! So, if you want to look and feel better, caring for your skin is absolutely essential.

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