New Year’s Eve Twenty Sixteen

Can you believe it’s already that time of year already?! December 31st has always been a favorite of ours. New Year’s Eve is like a kiss goodbye before real life kicks in. Sure, fresh starts are great, but New Year’s just gives you that one last chance to let loose and party like it’s Two Thousand Sixteen!

One of the best aspects of NYE – besides the insane parties, of course, is all the beauty that comes with the occasion! It’s your last time this year to show the world what your mama gave you! So, Queen Odelia has put together a list of holiday beauty hacks to help you look your best when the new year comes around:

  1. Be sure to de-grease your face and hair after a few rounds on the dance floor. A light holiday glow’s no big deal, but a sweaty sheen is not a very good look.
  2. If any of your holiday cat-eyes or bold lip did not withstand all the air-kisses, gently nudge them back into place with the use of whatever lip balm you have on hand.
  3. Try drinking some water between all the holiday champagne and hors d’oeuvres. Partying all night takes its toll, and the best way to minimize the damages and maximize your body’s ability to get back to itself is by keeping hydrated.

The most important thing to remember is to have a blast with the people you love the best. Nothing should hold you back from letting go and having the wildest end of the year party you can have with the people who matter most!

Happy New Year’s from Queen Odelia!

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