Eye Cream | Delicate Age Defier

Increase Elasticity and Firmness
Ref: QOF003



The Queen Odelia delicate eye cream was specifically created to treat the sensitive skin surrounding the eye. The age-defying cream has the ability to smooth over dark circles and reduce wrinkles.


The cream increases natural elasticity in the eyelids, and counteracts loss of firmness in the soft creases. It is clinically-proven to ensure your eyes look fresher and brighter every day, even on days that you do not catch a wink of sleep at night.

Suggested Use

Our dermatologists recommend lightly dabbing the Queen Odelia eye cream on your lids every day. The oil in the cream will maximize the vibrance of your natural eye color and make your eyes shine. This will make your eyes look clear and bright.


50ml e 1.7 oz


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    Our story begins with the bloom of the Queen of the Night flower, deep in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. At Queen Odelia we created a formula that has the power to give the skin the same kind of resilience that desert flowers and fruits share. At Queen Odelia, the shared belief is that the beauty of the skin lies in its health. Read more...


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