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Queen Odelia - Our StoryOur Story begins deep in the desert, where there is a miracle flower known as Queen of the Night. All year long, the desert flower’s beauty lies dormant in what appears to be a dead cactus plant. For one night on the summer solstice, the fragrant flower bursts forth and brightens up the dessert with its captivating, white beauty, but the flower closes forever with the first rays of the morning sun.

The story of the Queen of the Night deeply inspired the founders of Queen Odelia. They set out to create a brand that replicates the hopeful spark that the desert flower and other fruits like it give.

The Queen of the Night flower also influenced their decision for brand’s name. Queen Odelia’s name was taken from an ancient language. Odelia means god’s gift. The resilient desert fruits possess extraordinary properties that are a rich gift and a miracle of nature.

Like the Queen of the Night, the Prickly Pear is a wild dessert fruit that survives long droughts and brutal winds. The prickly pear contains magical little black seeds that hold the power to regenerate and preserve the skin through the most challenging circumstances. Prickly Pear Seed Oil (or PPSO) is a secret ingredient that Nomadic women have passed down mother to daughter for generations, as a way to fend off the damaging desert conditions.

Our creams are based on Prickly Pear Seed Oil and combined with natural salts found in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. The product is extremely rich in minerals, Aloe Vera, and antioxidants that come together to fight premature aging, acne, dryness, and rosacea with unprecedented success.

At Queen Odelia the proper care and treatment of the skin are at the top of the list of priorities, and as such Queen Odelia products are held to the highest standards for skin enhancement.

Beauty of the skin lies in its health.

  • Our Story

    Our story begins with the bloom of the Queen of the Night flower, deep in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. At Queen Odelia we created a formula that has the power to give the skin the same kind of resilience that desert flowers and fruits share. At Queen Odelia, the shared belief is that the beauty of the skin lies in its health. Read more...


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