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We lean on our feet all day long. In fact, our feet take us everywhere we need to go. Our feet absorb the impact of our weight with every step, and all that heavy lifting should not be taken for granted. Taking proper care of your feet can vastly improve your body’s overall health. However, while regular trips to the nail salon are just as well for some, those of us intent on braving the endless sea of DIYs can learn a thing or two about how to treat our feet on our own.

Reflexologists hold that different parts of the body are directly linked to alternate points on the bottoms of our feet. They believe that if done right, certain ailments can be relieved and avoided by treating our feet to a little TLC. This simple regimen will solve all your problems from the tiniest blister to the most intense of backaches.

The most important element in the maintenance of your feet is cleanliness. In order to keep your feet in pristine condition, our dermatologists recommend soaking in warm water and body soap. Adding pumice-based products to the water also helps break down calluses and eliminate painful cracks. Rigorous exfoliating is probably the next important thing if you are to keep your feet clean, and it is made considerably easier after a long soak.

Queen Odelia Foot Cream

The next step is moisturizing. Keeping your feet hydrated is essential if you are to stand tall, comfortably. Moisturizing regularly helps to dissolve dry patches of skin and flatten hardened heels. We recommend the use of spa socks which help get rid of deeply embedded dryness and sooth inflammation.

The pedicure part of foot-care is fun! It is important to remember to cut your toenails in a straight line and to gently push back the cuticles rather than cut them, which can lead to infection.

While it is imperative to provide your feet with the support they need, reflexologists strongly endorse going bare-foot. Giving your feet a breather and a chance to feel some texture is as therapeutic as any pair of sensible sneakers.

It is said that the key to a woman’s happiness lies in the meticulous care of her feet. If that’s not enough to spur your energy, do some research, read a little on the topic, and see which foot care regime works best for you.

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