Day Cream | Protective Shield

For a Protective layer, and Smoother Skin.
Ref: QOF001



The Queen Odelia Day Cream was created for the purpose of shielding the skin on your face from damaging particles in the air, extreme elemental changes, and to bring out the best in your skin every day. The cream was especially developed with hand picked and entirely natural resources combined to create the perfect blend of nutrients and antioxidants that work to maximize luminosity and minimize any signs of premature aging. Not only does this cream leave you looking younger, but when you use this cream, you will feel ten years younger than before!


Daily application of Queen Odelia’ day cream will protect your skin and give it a lift. Additionally, the natural moisturizers in the cream will give your skin a soft glow that will make you feel fierce and empowered.

Suggested Use

Before starting your day, be sure to apply an even, thin layer of Queen Odelia’s day cream to a clean face. Not only will it shield the outer-most layer of your skin, but it will also serve as an effective primer that will ensure your makeup stays in place throughout the day.


50ml e 1.7 oz


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  • Our Story

    Our story begins with the bloom of the Queen of the Night flower, deep in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. At Queen Odelia we created a formula that has the power to give the skin the same kind of resilience that desert flowers and fruits share. At Queen Odelia, the shared belief is that the beauty of the skin lies in its health. Read more...


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