Night Cream | Nocturnal Nourishment

Revitalize and Nourish Your Skin Overnight
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Queen Odelia’s night cream serves two very important purposes. The cream is used to keep the skin super hydrated and to retain its natural moisture. It also serves the purpose of restoring and preserving prematurely aging skin


Queen Odelia’s light cream smooths out fine wrinkles and crows’ feet, as well as provides the skin with rich, oily nutrients. Night time application of this cream restores elasticity and tightens your pores during the course of the night.

Suggested Use

Because new skin cells grow faster while you sleep, the most effective way to keep your skin in its prime is by applying cream around your eyes and moth at night. Applying this all-natural cream before you go to sleep gives your body all the time it needs to prep, prime, and repair your skin. The cream will have you looking fresh and bright in the morning while you get your beauty sleep.


50ml e 1.7 oz


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  • Our Story

    Our story begins with the bloom of the Queen of the Night flower, deep in the arid deserts surrounding the Dead Sea. At Queen Odelia we created a formula that has the power to give the skin the same kind of resilience that desert flowers and fruits share. At Queen Odelia, the shared belief is that the beauty of the skin lies in its health. Read more...


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